Complaint handling procedure at Maxilla Dental Clinic


According to the Regulation of the Minister of Social Affairs No. 84 is regulated the procedure of handling of complaints submitted by patients.

In case of dissatisfaction, you can turn to:

 The Head of the Department of the company providing healthcare services


In each Maxilla Dental Clinic department, the head of the department is responsible for the complaint handling procedure.

Complaints can be filed to

  • Tallinn Maxilla Dental Clinic 6 601 006,
  • Tartu Maxilla Dental Clinic 7 371 100,
  • Elva Maxilla Dental Clinic 7 356 777,


  1.      To the regional department of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund


  • Harju Department

Lastekodu 48, 10114, Tallinn

Phone: 6 696 630



  • Tartu Department

Põllu 1a, 50303, Tartu

Phone: 6 696 630



  1. To the Health Board.

Paldiski mnt 81, 10617, Tallinn

Phone: 6 943 500



The nature of the complaint and the procedure for handling them at AS Maxillas


  • Phone complaint

The employee responding to the phone call completes the complaint registration form and handles the complaint within 24 hours to the head of the department.   

  • Oral complaint

All staff at the healthcare facility are required to resolve the problems related to the complaint within their competence. If in the course of the interview, the problem cannot be solved, the complaint registration form shall be filled in and transmitted within 24 hours to the head of the department.

In case of receipt of a complaint, the Head of the Department will contact the complainant within the next 3 business days to talk to him/her, discuss the problem and resolve it.

  •    Official complaints

Official complaints include complaints filed on paper or electronically, which require longer investigation. This complaint must be signed. The head of the department is required to clarify the circumstances and respond to the complaint within 20 calendar days.

The process of handling a formal complaint

  • The complaint is registered in the Register of Proposals and Complaints.
  • The head of the department will initiate an investigation to clarify the circumstances. The complaint will be responded to within 20 calendar days. If the circumstances of the complaint cannot be clarified by the due date, the complainant will be informed.
  • All documents submitted during the complaint, correspondence exchanged, details of the persons involved in the complaint, etc. shall be documented with the complainant’s personal data (given name, surname, personal identification code, address, and telephone number). A summary of the measures taken in connection with the complaint and the measures taken to resolve it must be included in the documentation.

All explanatory statements and documentation taken during the investigation of the complaint are kept for 7 years.

Download complaints form – Complaints form

Mari-Ann Abel

Member of the Management Board of AS Maxilla