Procedure for issuing medical files at AS Maxilla

The procedure for the issuance of medical files at AS Maxilla is in line with the European Union Personal Data Protection Regulation, which entered into force on 25 May 2018.

A copy of the medical record, X-ray images, and dental models will be issued

  • To the patient on the spot – the patient fills in the relevant application and submits an identity document with a photo, on the basis of which the medical file(s) are issued to the patient in accordance with the agreed procedure. X-ray images are loaded onto Maxilla’s memory stick for which € 5 must be paid to the clinic.
  • By e-mail to the patient – the patient completes the corresponding digitally signed statement, where the patient has also indicated his or her e-mail address, on the basis of which the encrypted medical file(s) are transmitted to the patient by e-mail.
  • To the representative of the patient – on the basis of a document digitally signed by the patient or a signed unattested written application and by submission of a document with the photo identifying the authorized person and on the filling in of a corresponding application.
  • To insurance companies and law firms on the basis of an application (an application signed by the patient in writing or digitally signed and sent by e-mail).

The medical files will be issued within 5 working days after receipt of the application.

The right to receive copies of the medical files free of charge belongs to the patient or his / her representative to the extent of up to 20 pages once a year.  From the 21st page, the person requesting information will pay 0.19 euros for each page issued (Section 25 of the Public Information Act).

In case of issuing the files on Maxilla USB memory stick, a charge of € 5 must be paid for the memory stick.

Refusal to issue copies of medical files

The right of the patient to obtain information and personal data concerning him or her in the processing of personal data shall be restricted in the following cases:

  • if this could harm the rights and freedoms of another person;
  • obstruct prevention of crime or catching a criminal;
  • make it difficult to determine the truth in criminal proceedings;
  • endanger the secrecy of the child’s descent.

Download the form for issuing medical files here – Application for issuing sensitive personal data

For personal information, please contact Maxilla Dental Clinic Administrator or send a digitally signed application to;;