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Dr. Ragne Abel-Hiiemäe
Dr. Ragne Abel-HiiemäeClinic manager
Dr. Karin Remmel
Dr. Karin RemmelDentist
Dr. Eve Voog
Dr. Eve VoogDentist
Dr. Rebeka Gabor
Dr. Rebeka GaborDentist
Dr. Svetlana Piirits
Dr. Svetlana PiiritsDentist
Dr. Reet Kenk
Dr. Reet KenkDentist
Dr. Riina Akerman
Dr. Riina AkermanDentist
Dr. Ilja-Ülo Nukka
Dr. Ilja-Ülo NukkaDentist
Dr. Karina Koogas
Dr. Karina KoogasDentist
Dr. Tiina Laskar-Vetto
Dr. Tiina Laskar-VettoDentist
Dr. Epp Cruz (endine Korv)
Dr. Epp Cruz (endine Korv)Dentist
Dr. Johanna Urm
Dr. Johanna UrmDentist
Dr. Kristel Tuhk
Dr. Kristel TuhkDentist
Dr. Karen Nurmine
Dr. Karen Nurmine Dentist, root canal treatment with microscope
Dr. Olga Stassi
Dr. Olga StassiEndodontist, root canal treatment with microscope
Dr. Ilja Pestov
Dr. Ilja PestovDentist, root canal treatment with microscope
Dr. Kaire Lusmägi
Dr. Kaire LusmägiProsthodontic
Dr. Piret Pihkva
Dr. Piret PihkvaProsthodontic


Dr. Margit Kiviloo
Dr. Margit Kivilooorthodontist
Dr. Ann Rebane - On maternity leave
Dr. Ann Rebane - On maternity leaveorthodontist


Dr. Justin Darby
Dr. Justin DarbySpecialist periodontist-implantologist


Dr. Jekaterina Kiseljova
Dr. Jekaterina KiseljovaOral and maxillo-facial surgery
Dr. Dagmar Marandi
Dr. Dagmar MarandiOral and maxillo-facial surgery
Dr. Marika Seemel
Dr. Marika SeemelDental surgeon
Dr. Tiiu Kivimaa
Dr. Tiiu KivimaaOral and maxillo-facial surgery resident
Professor Edvitar Leibur
Professor Edvitar LeiburOral and maxillo-facial surgery, professor


Ave Aasumets
Ave AasumetsHead of assistants
Vilve Veelain
Vilve VeelainAssistant
Darja Juuse
Darja Juuse Assistant
Svetlana Iganus
Svetlana IganusAssistant
Anneli Jörsi
Anneli JörsiAssistant
Kairi Metsma
Kairi MetsmaAssistant
Rinat Šuras
Rinat ŠurasAssistant
Alieene Juuse
Alieene JuuseAssistant
Margit Laos
Margit LaosAssistant
Kaia Külmallik
Kaia KülmallikAssistant
Maarja Nõmmoja
Maarja NõmmojaAssistant
Milana Anikina
Milana AnikinaAssistant
Viola Ristisaar
Viola RistisaarAssistant
Õnne Leinfeld
Õnne LeinfeldAssistant
Kaidi Lemloch
Kaidi LemlochAssistant


Aliis Tammik
Aliis TammikSecretary
Gristel Rand
Gristel RandSecretary
Kaidi Lemloch
Kaidi LemlochSecretary
Ilona Jefimenko - On maternity leave
Ilona Jefimenko - On maternity leaveSecretary